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Below, you'll find the core values that define and guide us.

Trust as a Cornerstone

Choosing to collaborate with us is choosing to build on trust. In any new partnership, trust is a bold step into the unknown. We cherish this mutual leap of faith. Trust forms the bedrock of our relationships, fostering an environment of good faith and mutual respect.

Unwavering Empathy

Putting people first is synonymous with business success. We draw a straight line from deep empathy to the creation of an outstanding company. This means actively listening, providing space for dialogue, responding thoughtfully, and delving into meaningful conversations. Empathy transforms challenging discussions into chances for collective growth.

Ambition for Good

Our ambition is not just for personal gain, but to give back and inspire. We believe in the reciprocal nature of mentoring. Our involvement in apprenticeships, speaking at conferences, and contributing to open-source projects not only enriches our community but keeps our skills sharp and minds active.

Candor with Kindness

Diversity is our strength, and though our team comes from various backgrounds, we don’t subscribe to being 'nicely evasive.' We’re kind yet honest, believing in speaking the truth, timely and directly. Procrastination in important matters only complicates things, so we advocate for immediate, clear, and respectful communication.

Rethinking the Work Ethic

It's time to move past the glorification of overworking. Work is vital, but it shouldn’t be a grind. We value efficiency and focus over long hours. Showing up well-rested and ready is our goal. If you’re impressed by late-night emails, our philosophy might not align with yours.

Embrace the Unconventional

Our community thrives on the unique and diverse. We seek individuals who bring new perspectives and excitement to our work environment. We encourage sharing passions and learning from each other, making work not just a job, but a place of discovery and joy.

Expertise in Inquiry

True expertise lies in asking the right questions and applying knowledge creatively. Don’t hesitate to seek clarification on unfamiliar terms or concepts. It’s about building shared understanding, not just showcasing intelligence. We value your curiosity and perspective.

Collective Well-being

We recognise that sometimes supporting others is easier than supporting oneself. We embrace this by encouraging a culture of mutual care. Whether it’s a physical illness or a mental health challenge, we advocate for taking the time needed to recuperate, ensuring a return to work with renewed energy and well-being.

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We're not just about writing code; we're about weaving narratives into every app we develop. With a heart for innovation and a soul fuelled by creativity, we transform ideas into digital experiences that resonate and endure.

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